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Perfect Duet Advent Calendar 2016

Posted by esteven on Nov.15th.2016 at 20:21
Perfect Duet, the comm for all things Master and Commander: Books and Movie, will be celebrating the Advent and Christmas season with a new version of the Advent Calendar 2016.

We cannot do it alone, so we invite you to join in the fun.

How it works:
1) For Livejournal, please comment at Perfect Duet here or at Perfect Duet’s sister comm on Dreamwidth to pick a date.
2) We'll add your name to the list. If someone's already claimed that date, we'll ask you to pick another.
3) If there are still dates left in a few days, you can sign up for additional dates.
4) Spread the word! Let people on tumblr and elsewhere know about the sign-up post!
5) On your assigned day, post something here (and/or at the dreamwidth comm) that's related to Master and Commander. It could be fic, podfic, art, vids, craftwork, meta, recs, anything that will brighten your fellow Aubreyad fans' day. (If you want to post elsewhere you can - just let us know so we can post a link to it here. We'll crosspost links from LJ to DW and vice versa.)

Pray sign up.

We are all looking forward to hearing from you.


Trafalgar Day

Posted by ylla on Oct.26th.2016 at 21:50
Calton Hill and TynemouthCollapse )


What I did on my holidays

Posted by ylla on Aug.31st.2016 at 21:46
The crew feel: geekygeeky
I have (finally) got round to writing up my adventures this summer on the trail of the tall ships and various AoS heroes - it's perfectly reasonable, of course, not to want to look at someone else's holiday photos, but if anyone is interested...

What I did on my holidays:
Part 1 - Lisbon
Part 2 - Gibraltar
Part 3 - Cadiz
Part 4 - Cape Trafalgar

Pirate salutes

Black Sails anyone?

Posted by eve_n_furter on Jul.24th.2016 at 23:50
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Hi. I wonder if there are more Black Sails fans here? Do you know if there are any specialized communities for posting fanworks, recs or meta for it? And do you like or dislike any particular ships or characters?

Photograph, salted paper print from a paper negative, ca. 1845 © Wilson Centre for Photography.

You are also welcome to have a look at my picspam with the above and 36 more vintage photos of sailor life taken over a period of over 100 years, from ca. 1845 to after the second world war, in my journal here: "A journey across sea and time".

X-posted to vintagephoto


John Quilliam

Posted by ylla on Jun.24th.2016 at 12:15
The crew feel: geekygeeky
This month's Collingwood Society meeting was about someone I'd never heard of - John Quilliam, the first lieutenant on Victory at the time of Trafalgar. He seems to have had a really interesting life, growing up on the Isle of Man, and rising right through the ranks from able seaman to post captain, and playing a part in some of the major events of the time along the way.

I've written up the talk here at greatwatersblog, so won't repeat it all again here, but I really enjoyed it - the variety of backgrounds and lives the naval officers had is fascinating, and it's always interesting to learn about someone new.

Beyond the Ocean's Edge


Posted by vespican on Apr.17th.2016 at 03:01
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Originally posted by vespican at SIGNED BOOK GIVEAWAY!
For some time I've watched the "LIKES" for my Facebook Page creep upwards.  A few days ago the "LIKE" count reached 100.  As promised, I'm conducting a Signed Book Giveaway to celebrate!  Details below.
Signed Book Giveaway!
To celebrate my Facebook Page reaching 100 “Likes”
I’m giving away a signed copy of both
Stone Island Sea Stories!
(Science Fiction cleverly disguised as Age of Sail/Naval Adventure)

For a chance to win a package containing both stories and possibly some extra surprises, simply let me know…
Comment on or “message” my Facebook Page
Tweet, reply to, or DM on Twitter
Comment on my Live Journal
E-mail, call, tell me in person, leave me a note, etc.
Please specify you are entering the Giveaway

Entries accepted through the 29th of April
Winner will be announced on April 30 or May 1st.

(Visit www.stoneislandseastories.com for links to my Facebook Page, Twitter Account and Live Journal.)


Collingwood Society quiz

Posted by ylla on Dec.31st.2015 at 19:29
The Collingwood Society have now posted Round 1 of their Christmas quiz on their website, if you want to have a go - strongly Collingwood and Georgian Navy themed, but not exclusively Collingwood!


Age of Sail Yuletide roundup

Posted by ylla on Dec.27th.2015 at 21:52
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I've been attempting a roundup of Age of Sail Yuletide fic - emphasis on Age rather than Sail, mostly so I didn't have to start trying to divide Heyer and Austen down the middle!

Aubrey-MaturinCollapse )

Jonathan Strange and Mr NorrellCollapse )

TemeraireCollapse )

A Place of Greater SafetyCollapse )

War and PeaceCollapse )

Natasha, Pierre and the Great Comet of 1812Collapse )

Jane AustenCollapse )

Georgette HeyerCollapse )

RPFCollapse )

The Scarlet PimpernelCollapse )

Regency SolitaireCollapse )

If you want Hamilton fic you're on your own - there are 57 here and another 7 Madness fics here.

Feel free to let me know if I've missed anything!

Posted by vespican on Dec.19th.2015 at 04:41
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Most years I and the family attempt to send Christmas cards to family and friends.  For the past few years we've also created and sent our version of the dreaded "family newsletter."  Perhaps we are behind this year because of last month's windstorm and the eight days we were without power... hard to tell.

Anyway, I've decided that in place of cards or a family newsletter, I'd share a short story I wrote a year or so ago.  I've posted it here before, but now it's available on my web-site.  Look for "Writing" on the home page.  You should be able to click on the story there, or go to the "writing" page and click on the story.  It's called "Mr. Townsend's Chronometer."

Hope you enjoy it and that you all have a Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year, and/or a very nice Holiday Season.

P. S.  Clock face on the front is "clip-art."

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