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Dear Surprise

Matthew Flinders Found

Posted by ozfille on Jan.25th.2019 at 12:12
The crew feel: calmcalm
 I read a story today on the ABC news website that they have discovered the burial place of the British explorer Matthew Flinders who was one of the first men to circumnavigate Australia. It was found underneath a London train station. For the story click on the link -

Matthew Flinders Found

“The Lady Pirate” - Anne Bonny, is a two ep. podcast made over her life as a female pirate.

The podcast quality is good and the story very interesting. Here are the episodes:

"As a child, Anne Bonny pretended to be a boy to cover for the fact that she was an illegitimate child. When she dressed as a woman later on, she realized she preferred the freedom of being treated like a man. Dissatisfied with traditional life as a wife to her husband, she found a true partnership with "Calico Jack," a pirate who treated her with more autonomy and respect than any woman on land would ever get."

"Pirate Anne Bonny had seemingly met her match with Calico Jack, but the relationship didn't last forever. After leaving their child with a family in Cuba, Anne returned to the seas with Calico but found a new spark - this time with a most unexpected partner."

Dear Surprise

Captain Cook's Waistcoat

Posted by ozfille on Mar.12th.2017 at 14:51
The crew feel: cheerfulcheerful
A waistcoat worn by James Cook is up for auction. See the article -

Captain Cook's Waistcoat

I hope one of the local museum's will snap it up or at least someone with the money who will then lend it to the museum for public display.


Hornblower Watch

Posted by ylla on Feb.28th.2017 at 21:29
Maybe you haven't watched the Hornblower series for years, and think it's time to get it out again.
Maybe (like me) you've never watched it, but want to.
Maybe you can never get enough of it.
Maybe you love another seafaring saga and want something to compare it to.

Whatever your reason, dust off your DVDs, get your commenting caps on, and join us at following_sea for a

Hornblower watch!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

The first post will go up this Thursday, and we'll go on at (roughly) the rate of an episode a week until the end of April. Join us for one comment or for the whole thing - all are welcome!


Collingwood Society 2017

Posted by ylla on Jan.16th.2017 at 22:53
The Collingwood Society has now published its programme for 2017, which looks very interesting as usual (I always kind of half hope that it won't be quite so interesting, so I'm not tempted to run away to Newcastle so much...). I'm not sure if anyone is within reach of the north east of England, but if you are, there's lots to hear.

Two talks in particular look to be of broader interest, although there's plenty more:

The Annual Collingwood Lecture on 9th March, is on Naval Surgery during the French Wars 1792-1815, and is given by 'retired surgeon and renowned Napoleonic era historian' Mr Michael Crumplin - something for the Stephen Maturin fans, if they're brave enough!

And on 26th September there will be a talk on The Early Days of the Royal Marines, by a speaker who is currently nameless - definitely of interest to some people here!


Age of Sail Yuletide roundup

Posted by ylla on Dec.26th.2016 at 20:34
The crew feel: geekygeeky
I've attempted an Age of Sail Yuletide round up again - as before, it's more Age than specifically Sail, but do let me know anything I've missed!

Aubrey-MaturinCollapse )

HornblowerCollapse )

Jonathan Strange and Mr NorrellCollapse )

TemeraireCollapse )

Jane AustenCollapse )

Pride and Prejudice and ZombiesCollapse )

Georgette HeyerCollapse )

Victor Hugo - Ninety-ThreeCollapse )

RPFCollapse )

The Scarlet PimpernelCollapse )

PoldarkCollapse )

Hark! A VagrantCollapse )

HamiltonCollapse )


Perfect Duet Advent Calendar 2016

Posted by esteven on Nov.15th.2016 at 20:21
Perfect Duet, the comm for all things Master and Commander: Books and Movie, will be celebrating the Advent and Christmas season with a new version of the Advent Calendar 2016.

We cannot do it alone, so we invite you to join in the fun.

How it works:
1) For Livejournal, please comment at Perfect Duet here or at Perfect Duet’s sister comm on Dreamwidth to pick a date.
2) We'll add your name to the list. If someone's already claimed that date, we'll ask you to pick another.
3) If there are still dates left in a few days, you can sign up for additional dates.
4) Spread the word! Let people on tumblr and elsewhere know about the sign-up post!
5) On your assigned day, post something here (and/or at the dreamwidth comm) that's related to Master and Commander. It could be fic, podfic, art, vids, craftwork, meta, recs, anything that will brighten your fellow Aubreyad fans' day. (If you want to post elsewhere you can - just let us know so we can post a link to it here. We'll crosspost links from LJ to DW and vice versa.)

Pray sign up.

We are all looking forward to hearing from you.


Trafalgar Day

Posted by ylla on Oct.26th.2016 at 21:50
Calton Hill and TynemouthCollapse )


What I did on my holidays

Posted by ylla on Aug.31st.2016 at 21:46
The crew feel: geekygeeky
I have (finally) got round to writing up my adventures this summer on the trail of the tall ships and various AoS heroes - it's perfectly reasonable, of course, not to want to look at someone else's holiday photos, but if anyone is interested...

What I did on my holidays:
Part 1 - Lisbon
Part 2 - Gibraltar
Part 3 - Cadiz
Part 4 - Cape Trafalgar

Pirate salutes

Black Sails anyone?

Posted by eve_n_furter on Jul.24th.2016 at 23:50
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Hi. I wonder if there are more Black Sails fans here? Do you know if there are any specialized communities for posting fanworks, recs or meta for it? And do you like or dislike any particular ships or characters?

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