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This is a list of links I've discovered, or that people have pointed out to me. It is intended to complement listings made by others, such as joyful_molly. This is the list as it stands at Show the Colours, and I will link to it in the sidebar.

(Any links added in replies will be put into the main post here. Or, if you know of a really good AoS related website, PM me the link.)

1811 Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue Period slang

Links for Navy researchers Contains information on ships and some AoS characters

Sailing Navies Contains a list of all ships and characters to appear in AoS novels and fiction (Scroll to the bottom of the home page for Age of Sail Fiction listing)

Astrodene's Historical Naval Fiction Contains chronologies and summaries of all the major and not-so-major AoS Naval novels

Ships of the old Navy A list of historical ships, battles and people of Nelson's day

Ships of Jack Aubrey Jack Aubrey's ships, with deck plans of HMS Surprise

Tactics at Sea in the Age of Sail explains various things such as the weather gage - also has explanations of rigging and various other nautical stuff

Timekeeping at Sea Explanation of bells and watches

The Articles of War What it says on the tin - the Articles of War used at sea in our period

Falconer's Dictionary of the Marine The 1780's dictionary of naval terms and other useful information. A great period reference.

Boy's Manual of Seamanship Various seamanship tasks explained

Navy Signal Book Home Popham's code, as used to send the famous England Expects signal - numbers, words, flags.

Trafalgar roll A list of 1640 names of men of all ranks who were at Trafalgar.

The Ayshford Trafalgar Roll Searchable database of names of those at Trafalgar

Aubrey-Maturin Chronology How the Aubreyad fits into the historical timeline The website for Hornblower fans - honestly not as scary as it sounds.

Molly Joyful's List of Useful Resources Again, does exactly what it say on the tin. A great collection of some fantastic websites and useful information

1811 General Regulations and Orders for the Army Online facsimile of the original book, that contains some useful information

Notes From the Orlop A blog on the website of Maine Maritime Museum, which contains some interesting stuff

Link for Army researchers

1811 General Regulations and Orders for the Army.

The 1807 Drill Manual. A downloadable version of the drill manual in use in 1809.

An Historical Account of the British Army and of the Law Military as Declared by the Ancient and Modern States, with a Commentary on the Mutiny Act and the Rules and Articles of War Contains useful information about the governance of the Army.

A History of the Peninsular War (Oman) Useful reference

History of the War in the Peninsula and in the South of France (Napier) Useful reference by a participant

A narrative of the Peninsular war

The General Orders of Field Marshal the Duke of Wellington From the horse's mouth

Selections from the Dispatches and General Orders of Field Marshall the Duke of Wellington More from the horse's mouth

All For the King's Shilling 'An analysis of the campaigns and combat experiences of the British soldier in the Peninsular War, 1808-1814.

Wellington's army, 1809-1814

The military adventures of Johnny Newcome

The Journal of an Army Surgeon during the Peninsular War

The Autobiography of Harry Smith A memoir from one of the Fighting Ninety-Fifth

Regimental History of the Light Dragoons

The 15th Light Dragoons/Hussars

15th Light Dragoons

Life in England, And Other Links

18th century cost of living

Regency Currency For those of us who can never remember how the old money system worked, with shillings and farthings and guineas etc.

Currency converter Find out the modern equivalent of old money, and see how much you could buy with it.

Regency England has a section on "Shopping" which mentions prices of various things.

Social Customs during the Regency Era Includes links about money, economics, AND tons of other topics. Looks like a very useful list.

1811 Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue Period slang

Travellers in Eighteenth Century England Links to articles pertaining to life in eighteenth century England, much of which still remained true into the early nineteenth century.

Maps of London through the ages

London in 1815 (From the above site.)

About Horses Not period, but a useful site for those who need to write about horses, yet who know next to nothing about horses themselves.
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