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Anything Age of Sail related welcome here...
This is a community for all fans of the Age of Sail. Whether you're a fan of Hornblower, Sharpe, Master and Commander, POTC, Jane Austen or anything else to do with the Age of Sail, you'll find something here.

It's a place for history, stories, icons, fanvids, rec, requests or anything. It must have some link to the Age of Sail. That's the only catch.

Whether you're an Army fan or a Navy fan, if it's between the years 1700 and 1850, welcome aboard!

The banner is from a sketch tootsiemuppet drew. I threatened to use it as a header if I ever changed my LJ layout, but that seems highly unlikely, and it needs to be seen. Where better to use it than here?

The current default icon was made by julielu who makes wonderful icons. Go look at her icon journal, crymeariver_.

Moderators: sharpiefan, snakey and latin_cat

1. If you are posting something long, please remember to LJ cut it. You've all been very good at this, but it's as well to have a reminder.

2. Thanks, everyone, for giving your entries titles. This makes it easy to find stuff.

3. Until we get a decent list of tags, I'm happy to tag your entries. If there is a suitable tag already in the list, feel free to use it. I just don't think that having umpteen thousand tags, a different one for every entry, is going to help anyone...

4. Being anything and everything AoS, slash is welcome. Please LJ cut it, and post relevant warnings. For those who don't like slash, please do not click on these cuts. PLEASE BE AWARE that LJ have now instituted a flagging policy, to help prevent under-aged users looking at unsuitable content. This journal is unfiltered, so if you are posting slash or other material unsuitable for under-aged readers, please filter your entry accordingly. Your help is appreciated! Thanks.

5. Have fun. Fun spam is good. Not fun spam will invite Modly wrath. Not that this will happen, the AoS fandom being so small and friendly and all...